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Eldningsförbud i Linköping och hela Östergötland. Läs mer här:

International - Welcome to our web!

Here you can find information about the City of Linköping in Arabic, English, Romani, Somali, Sorani and Persian. The translations are mainly intended for immigrants and newly arrived refugees. If you would like to read in other languages you may use Google translate.

Under these four headings, you can find information about policies in Linköping, elderly care, home modifications, education for immigrants and more. 

The languages have been selected in view of how many people speak these languages in Linköping. 
The translated texts can be found under four headings: the municipality, schools and childcare, culture and recreation, support and care.

Swedish headlines

All headlines are written in both the foreign language and in Swedish. This means that even those who speak Swedish but not the foreign language will get an overview of the contents of the texts.

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Last updated 27 March 2017