IB Diploma Programme Entrance Tests

IB Diploma Programme Entrance Tests - Wednesday 14th of March (v11)

You can apply to take the tests by emailing us. Please include the following 5 details in your email.  Full name, Email, Telephone number, School you are currently attending and  your home address.

If you have set Katedralskolan Linköping IB DP as the first choice (förstahandsval) on your Gymnasium application, we can guarantee that you will be invited to the entrance tests. But please email the 5 details above to us, so we can send you an invitation to the tests. Invitations to the test are sent out so as to arrive during v9.

There are 2 tests, English and Mathematics (which is available in Swedish or English) Each paper is around 2 hours long. We will begin in the morning with English and after lunch we will end with Mathematics. No calculator is required.

Please send your details to  Charlotta.Johansson@linkoping.se  The closing date for applications is Friday 9th of February.


Jon Lowrey  - IB Diploma Programme Coordinator “

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