UHR - the conversion scale

The Swedish Universitets- och högskolerådet (UHR) has issued a new conversion of the IB Diploma grades into Swedish grades.
(På IB's sida här på vår hemsida finns ett utdrag från UHR med information om konverteringsskalan).

The full conversion scale can be found at www.uhr.se and www.antagning.se.

As you may know, there has been a good deal of debate in the media about this decision. The Association of Swedish IB Schools (ASIB), as well as parents and students, have lobbied heavily to promote a scale not only based on statistics but also on a qualitative analysis of the IB DP.  

The new scale (where 44-45 IB points = 20,0 in the Swedish system), reflects the fact that less than 1% of students in the Swedish Naturprogrammet (NP) reach 20,0. UHR has promised to adjust the scale on a regular basis to counter eventual grade inflation in the Swedish system. Obviously this new conversion scale does not affect students applying to universities outside Sweden. As before, 40 points will still give you the chance to study medicine at Cambridge and 38 points could still get you into London School of Economics.  

Please note that the new scale will apply from January 1st, 2017. We argue that this goes against normal practice in terms of changes in regulations made by the Swedish authorities - and would encourage those students affected to challenge the UHR decision on those grounds.  

ASIB will continue to collaborate closely with the IB in order to ensure that students with an IB Diploma have fair access to Swedish universities.

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