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Eldningsförbud i Linköping och hela Östergötland. Läs mer här:

The municipality (Kommunen)

The municipality is responsible for many functions including childcare and schools, elderly care, water and sanitation and housing.

 In Linköping there are both municipal and private employers. The municipality is one of the largest, with
9 000 employees. In addition, there are about 1 300 employees in municipal companies.

City Council

The municipality's highest governing body is the City Council. The City Council consists of 79 members from eight different political parties. They are elected every four years by Linköping's resident's. It is their job to provide the residents of Linköping with the municipal services that they need and want. The City Council's most important task is to support democracy and to contribute to its development. Chairman of the Council is mayor Helena Balthammar (Social Democrats). 

The main board

Before the Council makes a decision, the cases are usually discussed in committees and boards. The main board is the municipal executive board. It directs and coordinates all work within the municipality and is responsible for it's development and economic standing. It is chaired by Helena Balthammar (Social Democrats). The social Democrats, the Green Party and the People's Party governs Linköping during the period of 2015-2018.

Last updated 13 December 2017