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Information om elevlunch på andra språk

Här hittar du information om elevlunch på andra språk än svenska.

E-mail that was sent to students who have not yet activated ther login

You probably already know that you who are enrolled in upper secondary school (gymnasiet) and are registered in the municipality of Linköping can pick up a take away lunch at various restaurants in Linköping during April and early May. This offer is called "Elevlunch", student lunch.

We just want to remind you to do so, since you have not activated your login in the “Elevlunch” webb application yet. If you register during Easter holidays you can check that everything works before you come to the restaurant when “Elevlunch” starts again April 14th!

It´s very easy to register - go to, enter your school email address. Follow the instructions. Easy as a piece of cake!

During Easter holidays (April 6th -9th), you can get some extra support if you need. On the website you will find more information, a map and a list of all restaurants offering “elevlunch” and a lot of frequently asked questions and answers that can be good to keep an eye on.

Short summary:

1. Register your school email address at - do it before April 14th!

2. Follow the instructions you receive in the email that comes to your school email address

3. Between April 6th -9th you can get some extra support - read more about it at

4. There is more information on the same website, including which restaurants are connected to the offer and how “Elevlunch” works in general.

Finally some tips if you have an iPhone and have problems with registration:  Alternative solution according to

Tip # 1 Close all your tabs in Safari and close all apps on the mobile, then try again to activate the mobile phone with the confirmation email.

If this doesn’t work, continue with tip #2.

Tip # 2 Open the confirmation email, hold your finger on the link in the email and select copy link, open Safari and paste the link to activate the mobile.

It has solved the problem for other students with similar problems.

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