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Land agency

If you want to receive information about municipal plots upon which to build, you can register with the municipality's land agency.


If you click on the link ”Anmälan till tomtkön” you will find the electronic registration form. You enter all the information, click on the button "skicka" and confirm. The registration is sent to us electronically. You will receive a written confirmation via e-mail that we have received your registration. You will also receive information regarding payment of the registration fee, which is currently 300 SEK, to Post giro account 37 42 12-9. When we have received the registration fee we will register your application in the customer database. You will also receive confirmation of the registration date.

Plot Mailing

When there are plots available people that are registered in the Land Agency's customer database will receive information in the form of a "plot mailing". The plot mailing will be sent to the e-mail address that you submitted to the Land Agency. It contains links to our website where the current plot mailing list can be found.

If you are interested

If you are interested in plots in the area described in the plot mailing, then you rank the plots in order of preference. You complete the ”intresseanmälan till tomt” included with the plot mailing. You send it to us via e-mail, by the date stated on the plot mailing.

We register the application together with the application date, which is counted from the day the registration fee was received by the citizens advice bureau. The plots are allocated according to the application date. You will be sent confirmation that your application has been received.

Information about your position

Everyone that has submitted an application for a plot will receive information about their position in the queue. Those who are allocated a plot will receive a written plot reservation sent to them by post. You may reserve a plot for a maximum of six weeks. During the period you should read through the local development plan and the geotechnical investigations. Your real estate agent can help you with the local development plan, application and planning permission, etc.

You should also contact your bank to obtain a mortgage in principle. If you are registered in the customer database you will receive all the plot mailings. You will not lose your position in the queue if you are offered a plot which you then decline. You must always send us an e-mail or a letter to notify us of your decision to accept or decline the plot. If you accept the plot you will receive information about how to proceed with the building process.

Last updated 18 April 2018 14:20