Leisure-time centers

The municipality offers different types of Leisure-time centers for children in primary and secondary school. Some are carried out in cooperation with local societies and associations.

Leisure- time centers (age 6-9)

An after-school recreation centre offers educational group activities for school children between the ages of six and nine. Leisure-time centers are usually located on the same premises as primary schools.

Open leisure-time centers (age 10-13)

Children between the ages of ten and thirteen are offered a simpler form of school childcare, called open leisure-time centres. These centres do not offer the same degree of care and supervision as the leisure-time centres. Instead, they offer older children activities that are more suited to their needs. This service is often provided in collaboration with other recreational operations or local associations.

Recreational operations

The purpose of recreational operations for children aged 13-16 is to provide a wide selection of activities for young people in secondary school. Activities primarily take place on evenings and weekends. Activities include drama, concerts, sports and different types of creative expressions.

Culture School

The Culture School is aimed at all children and adolescents in the municipality. Students are being taught music, theatre, art & design and dance. The school holds courses throughout the municipality. Learning to sing, dance, paint, act or play an instrument is not just a question of learning a skill. Linköping's Culture School wants to provide children and adolescents access to the best cultural education and cultural experiences in their recreational operations. Each person shall be able to develop according to his or her own abilities and interests! Applications can be submitted via the Culture School website or by telephone.


The municipality has accident insurance for all children/pupils/adolescents involved in activities organised by the municipality of Linköping.

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Last updated 11 November 2019