Special education classes

The purpose of special education is to give children and adolescents with intellectual disabilitys an education adapted to their abilities. To the extent possible, the education corresponds to the education provided in primary and secondary school.

Students enrolled in special education classes obtain their education in a class for the intellectual disabled or in regular school classes, in groups or individually. Placement of pupils in classes is done in collaboration with the parents. Consideration is given to the pupil's age, maturity level, intelligence and possible other functional disabilities. It is the responsibility of the parents to apply for their child to be accepted in special education classes.

Special education classes

Mandatory school attendance is completed in special education classes. These classes cover years 1-9 and have their own curriculum and course plans. Training school is a special programme intended for pupils that cannot assimilate all or parts of the regular educational programme.


All students who attend our schools have accident insurance around the clock.

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Last updated 11 November 2019