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Upper Secondary School

Upper secondary school is a free and voluntary education for adolescents between the ages of 16 and 20.
Linköping has both municipal and independent upper secondary schools. The schools and programmes offered in Linköping can be found in the brochure, Programme selection, which is given to pupils in year 9.

Pupils from year 9 in secondary school can apply via the web.

Other applicants can order an application form. Contact details can be found at the end of the this page.
You have the right to apply for national programmes anywhere in Sweden. At, you find information about upper secondary schools throughout Sweden.


The curriculum consists of four parts. The first part describes the school's values and assignments. The second part contains comprehensive goals and guidelines for upper secondary school education. The third part of the curriculum contains examination goals for all national upper secondary school programmes. The fourth and final part contains a description of the mandatory subjects, i.e. subjects that are part of all programmes.

Student healthcare

Student healthcare has a preventive and health-promoting role. Student healthcare is free and every school has a school nurse and access to a school doctor, school counsellor and school psychologist. When in school, every student is offered at least three health visits, which include general health check-ups. Certain vaccinations are also provided.

Educational and vocational guidance

Every upper secondary school student has an educational and vocational guidance counsellor.
Introductory programme - Municipal follow-up, is a programme that contacts and offers educational and vocational guidance to all adolescents who did not apply to upper secondary school, to all adolescents who were not accepted into upper secondary school or to those who interrupted their studies and are younger than 20.

Travel compensation

Upper secondary school students obtain a bus card if the distance between home and school exceeds six kilometres. The bus card is valid for school days between 5:00 am and 7:00 pm. Every school is responsible for the distribution of school bus cards at the beginning of the autumn term.

Boarding allowance

In some instances, you may be eligible for boarding allowance if you attend a school in another district and cannot travel between school and home every day. Those who attend a municipal school apply to their home municipality. The application form is available from any upper secondary school or can be downloaded from the municipality's database at

Anyone attending an independent upper secondary school must apply for board allowance at CSN (the Central Student Grants Committee)

Upper secondary school admission

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Phone: 013-20 88 20

Visiting address: Apotekaregatan 13C (see map)

Visiting address : Apotekaregatan 13C

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