“Light Oscillator"

Tilen Sepič, Slovenia

1 Borggårdsparken

Name and city/country from where you work?

Tilen Sepič, Slovenia

Why have you chosen to work with light as an artform?

I find light a perfect medium for creating more with less material. For me it is just one of the forms of sculpture, but you can cover a much larger space, I could compare it to sound. I also have a generally high interest in natural light which is my main inspiration. I see it as a basis for visual art, as you cannot perceive any material without light, and combining it with sound you can get a holistic, immersive picture.

Name of your installation:

Light Oscillator

What feelings do you wish to elicit in the person who experiences your work?

I have a belief that feelings happen on a personal level, as a product of how you relate to the outside world, so I think it would be irrelevant to make an artwork designed to project a specific feeling to a viewer. I try to create works that promote visitors’ awareness and attention, so they can use the artwork as a “tool” to expand/question their own thoughts and perceptions.