“Loopy Lou”

MocapLab, France

2 Inre borggården

Name and city/country from where you work?

MocapLab. Paris, France

Why have you chosen to work with light as an art form?

My fundamental interest is not in light but in movement. For motion to be shown on a big scale and amplitude in the real world, not on a screen, I have been looking into many different supports and light is just the best support to show the evanescence of movement. Light was the simplest way of giving life to still matter

Name of your installation:

Loopy Lou (Named after my daughter Louise, skipping with a rope at 8 years old)

What feelings do you wish to elicit in the person who experiences your work?

The experience in front of Loopy Lou can take different forms. The first step is often confusion, where the brain doesn’t really understand those moving lights in front of their eyes. Then suddenly the brain sees the globality thanks to the power of the movement that unites all the lights together as a whole.

The last feeling, probably the most long-lasting, is this skipping little girl in front of them who has just got the hang of the skipping technique. The brain is a movement sponge, the mirror neurons can’t help triggering the memory of the pleasure of skipping. The emotion is directly linked with that playful motion.