“Lugnets hamn”

Robin Hedman, Tekniska verken (Sweden)

5 Biskopsparken

Name and city/country from where you work?

Robin Hedman, Tekniska verken, Linköping Sweden.

Why do you work with light as a form of art?

Since 1902, Tekniska verken has made Linköping a city of light. With outdoor lighting, we decorate public spaces in order to create a city where all residents can feel safe and comfortable.

Name of the work:

Lugnets hamn.

What feelings do you wish to elicit in people when they see and experience your work?

Water – constantly in motion, but at the same time calm and quiet. Around the carp pond we have created a soothing gathering place where you can stop and catch the moment. Sit down and look out over the sparkling sea that bathes in light. But don’t forget to look up.