"LUUX by mtu"

Students from MTU Mediagymnasiet in Linköping (Sweden)

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Name and city/country from where you work?

Students from MTU Mediagymnasiet in Linköping, Sweden

Why do you work with light as a form of art?

As part of the training of the Aesthetic Program at MTU in Linköping, there is a lot of work with digital content. This year, students and teachers wanted to give themselves a challenge and to try something new, which is why we got involved immediately when we started talking about a facade projection at the Cathedral.

We work with different subjects at the school, so we are trained both in designing digital content for the projection itself, as well as all the practicalities with the technical equipment and the implementation. To make our projection possible, we work with Dataton, a company based in Linköping, which develops the WATCHOUT software and media servers. Their system is the market leader in the industry and is used in similar installations worldwide. At MTU, we have previously collaborated with them and use their equipment and software in our teaching, which makes it extra fun that we can also make this installation possible

Name of the work:

LUUX by mtu

What feelings do you wish to elicit in people when they see and experience your work?

We want to create a feeling that everything is possible. Our projection will create many effects and elements that highlight the structure and construction of the Cathedral. Music from the cathedral's organ accompanies and amplifies the light projections. For us, a feeling of WOW is something that should distinguish the work.