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Welcome to the City of Linköping

Linköping is on the move. The population is constantly increasing, making it one of Sweden’s fastest-growing cities – now with more than 165 000 inhabitants. We are currently Sweden’s fifth largest city and a part of the expansive East Sweden Business Region.

Linköping is the number one high-tech city in Sweden. We are leaders in a number of areas: such as aeronautical technology, vehicle safety, Internet of Things (IoT), information and communication technology, and technology for a sustainable environment. Around the core of technology, the business community is developed and diversified. It is an ideal balance for a modern city.

Education and innovation

In Linköping there is a strong force of innovation especially in Linköping Science Park, which is one of Europe’s leading technology parks with 7,000 employees working in more than 400 companies. The focus areas in the park include information and communication technology, IoT, vehicle safety, visualisation and image analysis, and environmental technology.

Our university

Our highly ranked Linköping University is situated next to Linköping Science Park and is home to some 32,000 students and 4,000 employees. We also have a University Hospital Campus, with highly specialised medical treatment and research.

Linköping is supported by a good transportation infrastructure, including an international city airport. Furthermore the city is characterised by lively commercial activities including having one Sweden’s largest shopping districts. In addition, there are a number of conferences and events held here throughout the year all of which attract visitors from all over the world.

Heritage and culture

Proud ancestors from the Middle Ages hover over the city. Our history lives on in the form of the well-preserved city centre, where shops, cafés and restaurants share space with the cathedral and other historic buildings. Around us we enjoy the beautiful nature. We have unique oak woodlands home to fascinating wildlife and diverse vegetation. We can also offer swimming and boating along Kinda Canal and the famous Göta Canal, as well as in many nearby beautiful lakes.

Linköping is a city rich in history, nature and culture, as a background to our fast-paced development. We can proudly state that we are a city of the future.

Last updated 06 July 2021

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