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What is residential adaptation?

If you have a functional impairment and need to adapt your home, you can apply for a grant to cover the costs. You can only get a grant for adaptations that are necessary for living an independent life in, or adjacent to, your home.

To be eligible for a grant, your functional impairment must be permanent or long-term. You can only get a subsidy to adapt your permanent residence. People who care for a person with a functional impairment in their homes are also eligible for grants.

What is the subsidy for?

You can get a subsidy to adapt fixed features in, or adjacent to, your home. Fixed features are things you normally do not take with you when you move house; for example, thresholds and kitchen cabinets. In certain special cases you can also get grants for things that are necessary for rehabilitation, functional training or home-based medical care.
You can also get grants towards the repair of technical equipment for which you have previously received residential adaptation grants.

Examples of how to adapt your residence:

  • alteration of bathroom
  • removal of thresholds
  • widening of door
  • installing horizontal bars and handrails
  • surface treatment of walkways
  • installing ramps

Application and information

Get in touch with Residence adaptation when you start planning your residential adaptation. We can give you information about your grant eligibility and scope. To apply for residence adaptation you need to submit a form, which can be found on the municipality website, or you can contact someone at the municipality for assistance.
You can also talk to your occupational therapist or other healthcare staff. Please attach a certificate from your occupational therapist, physician or other professional to your application.

Decision and payment

The municipality assesses you grant request and pays the subsidy when the adaptation is completed.

Last updated 07 November 2019 07:47