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In the event of crisis

Have you ever thought how a long power failure, a big fire or a flood can affect you and your surroundings? Without electricity
for instance, internet, mobile telephones, ATMs, petrol pumps, water and heating, or refrigerators and freezers do not work.

The risks may include extreme weather with heavy rains and storms or electric and telephone disturbances which can lead to severe consequences for the society and individuals.

If you have extra canned food, a bucket to collect water, a battery
radio, some cash and extra medicine, then you can make life easier for you and your family. Maybe you already have a lot at home if you look for it?

Handle 72 hours of a crisis yourself

If you adopt your social responsibility and handle 72 hours of a crisis yourself then the society’s resources can be used to help the neediest.
The municipality’s security unit has compiled tips on how to manage a crisis situation. You can find the resources that we have used under the heading ”Here you can read more”. We have borrowed some of the material from Gothenburg city and Mjölby municipality.

This brochure has also been translated to several languages and is available at the Medborgarkontor (citizen offices). Contacts are provided on the last page.

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Last updated 16 January 2020