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Politics in Linköping

Those who have a majority in Linköping during the term of office, 2019-2022, are the Alliance. The Alliance consists of the Moderates, the Center Party, the Liberals and the Christian Democrats.

The political opposition in Linköping consists of the Social Democrats, the Green Party, the Left Party and the Sweden Democrats.

The Municipal Council

Linköping's municipal council is the municipality's highest executive assembly. Linköping residents elect its board members and deputies every four years. The municipal council has 79 members from eight political parties.

The municipal council decides on major issues and in matters of principle. Perhaps their most important task is to promote democracy and contribute to its continued existence and popular support.


The municipal council usually meets on the last Tuesday of every month. No regular meeting is held in July. The meetings are held in the City Hall's municipal council room at Storgatan 43. They are open to the public and can be viewed from the public gallery. Due to limited seating at the venue visitors must report in advance to the reception. At the end of the meeting, the public has an opportunity to ask questions about the municipality's operations. The questions should be submitted, in writing or by phone, to the municipal council's secretary no later than noon the day before the meeting.The meetings are broadcast live on the web.

Boards and Committees

The municipal board and other committees work under the municipal council. The municipal council appoints members and deputies to the committees. The committee members are often also members of the council.

The municipality's most important board is the municipal board. It is in charge of the entire municipality's development and finances as well as coordinating municipal operations.

Contact Linköping - the municipality's center for citizen service

To e-mail form for Contact Linköping


Phone: 013–20 60 00
Phone hours: monday-friday 07.30-17.00 (June-August 07.30-16.00)

Visiting address: Östgötagatan 5 (see map) Hours: monday-friday 10.00-17.00 (June-August 10.00-16.00)

Availability information Östgötagatan 5

Mailing address:
Kontakt Linköping
581 81 Linköping

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Last updated 15 May 2019