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Linköping is one of Sweden’s leading cities in terms of research in high technology as well as information and communication technology. Even in terms of production within these areas, Linköping companies are among the leaders in the field.

Here, there is also a mix of manufacturing, service sector, trade and public sector industries and operations.  All of this, within a city with good transport and an advantageous geographical location. Linköping is a growing and centrally located urban area with 165 000 inhabitants.  Here, there is a prosperous business sector where manufacturing industries are largest in terms of revenue. Although trade and business services have recently increased somewhat, it is not coincidental that the largest employers, other than the municipality and county council, are Saab, Linköping University and Ericsson.

Basic research and innovation

Linköping University contributes strongly to the positive development of the municipality. The university, which is one of the largest in the country, contributes to a broad field of basic research, which in turn leads to the development of new products as well as business off-shoots and start-ups. Many companies also push ahead new developments, partly through their own research and partly by demanding innovation from others. There are also many technology-based companies with global reputations gathered in the Science Mjärdevi Park.


Co-operation within the various branches of industry is good and has created everything from informal networks to formal clusters. Most significant is the aviation cluster, with advanced research in space and aviation as well as aircraft manufacture.

Linköping is also an important hub for information and communication technology thanks to, among others, Linköping University and many of the companies in the Science Mjärdevi Park. Green nutrition is represented by the Vreta Cluster, which focuses on food and farming in the heart of one of Sweden's strongest food producing areas. In addition, with its strong stakeholders within environmental technology, the region has become an international role model for its largely zero-waste cycle.

With all this combined competence and decisive energy, the city definitely lives up to its motto: Linköping - Where ideas become reality.

Business and Growth

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Visiting address: Storgatan 58 (see map)

Visiting address : Storgatan 58

Mailing address: Linköpings kommun, 581 81 Linköping

Last updated 08 June 2021

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