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Starting a business

Starting a business is a big step. There is a lot to think about, whether you are experienced in running a business or are brand new to the industry.

Even the largest companies once started as an idea.No one knows at first if the idea will grow big or stay small, but the idea is always the first step.

We want to see as many new and successful companies in the region as possible and we have several services for those who are thinking about starting a business or have just newly started. We also collaborate with a number of organisations who can help you with a variety of questions.

Tips about the road ahead

As a new businessperson, it can be hard to know how everything really works within one’s own company and how to get one’s business moving ahead. Here you can find ways to move ahead that are our recommendations for first steps.

First step

A great start for those who want to bounce their business idea off of someone and who want to take the first step in establishing their business is contacting Linköping’s Nyföretagarcentrum. There, you will get free confidential advice about your idea, budget, and marketing as well as help in starting your business plan. You can also get matched with an experienced mentor who can support you.

Almi Business Partner

If you are considering how to finance your business start-up, we suggest contacting Almi, which offers various loans with good terms for businesspeople. They also offer a mentorship program, where you can get support from an experienced businessperson who is matched with you based on your needs and your company's needs.

If you have an innovative idea, for instance a product or service that is new to the market, Almi also offers special advisement for you.

Guidance center for businesses - Företagsservice

Many businesses often need to contact the municipality at some point. Perhaps you want to know what permits you need to start your business, or perhaps you’re in need of a new office space and are wondering where you can find something available.

No matter what question you have, you can always contact our municipality’s guidance center for businesses - Företagsservice. They exclusively handle business matters and will help you find answers.


We help your company with questions such as:

  • I am interested in establishing my company in Linköping. What are the conditions for land and premises?
  • What permits do I need for my business?
  • I'd like to turn my cafe into a restaurant. Do I need other permissions then and apply other rules in the room?

When you contact us, we will receive your inquiry and will return to you as soon as possible, but no later than within two working days.

To e-mail form for Företagsservice


To e-mail form for Företagsservice

Phone: 013-20 61 00

Hours: Monday-Friday 07.30-17.00. (june - august, 07:30-16:00)

Hours: Monday-Friday 07.30-17.00. (june - august, 07:30-16:00)

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