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Moving your business here

If you as a businessperson are planning on establishing your business in Linköping, then a conversation with us is a simple and very rewarding first step towards success in the region.

Linköping is the centre of one of the country's fastest growing regions, and there is plenty of land and a variety of facilities here for every type of operation.

Establishment services

Establishment services is a point of contact for businesses through their entire establishment process. In our toolkit there is, in addition to land and facilities that are ready to move into, the municipal property development company Sankt Kors as well as private property owners with extensive experience in adapting and building new premises for various operations.

Where is there a need for land in the future? Which facilities are in demand for the company of tomorrow? The goal is for Linköping to be ready when the need arises. It is no coincidence that so many enterprises choose to establish themselves in Linköping and that business is developing so strongly. One reason is the fast track to land and facilities through establishment services.

Last updated 11 December 2018

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