Primary and secondary school

Mandatory education in Sweden comprises primary and secondary school covering nine years for children between the ages of 6 and 16.

The municipality of Linköping has both municipal and independent schools. All schools are free of charge. Pupils and parents have the right to request attending municipal school or an independent school. Such a request is made through a web service.This information has been translated into several languages at:


The curriculum consists of three parts. The first part describes the school's values and assignment, while the second part contains comprehensive goals and guidelines for the education. The curriculum's third part contains course plans for all subjects. The course plans also include the levels of knowledge required for the various subjects. The requirements are based on the long-term objectives and central content of each subject. They describe the lowest acceptable level of knowledge for a pupil in year 3 and state the level that is required for the grades A, C and E in years 6 and 9. In the third year, there are requirements for lowest acceptable knowledge in the subjects of mathematics and swedish.

Student healthcare

Student healthcare aims to provide preventive care and promote good health. Student healthcare is free of charge and every school has a school nurse and access to a school doctor, school counselor and school psychologist. While they are in school, every pupil is offered at least three health visits that include general health check-ups. Certain vaccinations are also provided.

School transport

The distance between the home and the school determines whether a student is eligible for school transport. The headmaster is responsible for school transport. 


All students who attend our schools are insured around the clock. 

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Last updated 01 November 2019