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Tell us what you think about school and childcare services

We need your views in order to make improvements. Nothing is ever so good that it cannot be improved further. With the help of your views or complaints, we want to improve our areas of activity.

Linköping municipality wants to make it easier for you to share your views and influence municipal activities. Linköping municipality has a positive attitude to views and complaints and sees them as a tool for improving and developing its areas of activity.

This is how you can convey your views and complaints

  • Pass on your views direct to the school/preschool in question, either orally or in writing
  • Send a letter to: Utbildningsförvaltningen Apotekaregatan 13C, 581 81 Linköping

Your views/complaint will be officially registered and will thereby become a public document.

Response/contact within 7 days

The manager/principal in charge will deal with your views and complaints.
If you provide your name, telephone number and/or email address, you will be contacted within 7 days.

Last updated 24 May 2018

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