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Family law

We are not able to receive spontaneous visits. You can contact us by phone or e-mail.

Till e-postformulär för Familjerätten (engelskt)

E-post: [email protected]

Telefon: 013-20 62 85
Telefontid: Monday 09.00-10.00, Tuesday 13.00-14.00, Thursday and Friday 09.00-10.00

Besöksadress: Barnhemsgatan 2 (se karta)

Besöksadress : Barnhemsgatan 2

Postadress: Social- och omsorgsförvaltningen
Box 356
581 03 Linköping

The closest parking facility is in the Akilles parking structure. There are two parking spaces just outside our reception for those who have limited mobility/are disabled and have special parking permission.