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Stronger together – a culture of collaboration

In Linköping we manage to achieve what we do thanks to all the committed companies, community initiatives, people and enthusiasts that live and work here. Call it collaboration if you will, or why not- the Linköping Spirit.

Linköping has a strong culture of collaboration, where we help each other and create success together. And we’ve got many inspiring, local role models for this.

Businesses collaborate with other businesses, focusing on new opportunities rather than competition - and they have a wide range of different advisors available for support. Academia, business and the public sector work together for the good of the city and us all. We are at the forefront within our various innovation ecosystems, and our support systems continuously find new ideas and help turn them into new businesses and organisations.

In Linköping we believe that all ideas can be realised if you just reach out and dare to think in new ways. People in Linköping, and in fact the entire region, are incredibly good at collaborating. We tend to think it’s just part of our DNA. In short, it’s the Linköping Spirit.