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Innovation ecosystems

Linköping has a well-developed infrastructure for helping companies grow. One example is the many innovation hubs in the city, where companies within the same sector gather to collaborate. Another example is the many support systems for companies and startups. In short, you’ve got everything you need here to fulfill the potential of your business.

Linköping Science Park

Since 1984, Linköping Science Park has grown to be the top-class innovation hotspot that it is today. An international, bustling environment where many groundbreaking innovations see the light of day. It’s closely connected to Linköping University (which, if you didn’t know, were the first in Sweden to offer courses in Engineering Physics and Computer Science.)

Today there are more than 400 companies and 7,000 employees active in the science park, in areas such as vehicle safety, mobile communication, enterprise resource planning, medical technology, digital imaging, IPTV (network distributed television) and streaming media, not to mention the Internet of Things (IoT). The common denominator is a focus on software, hardware, and integrated and connected systems. Linköping Science Park offers development programmes and networking opportunities to encourage further growth and collaboration between businesses, talents and researchers. Sustainability and social development are important themes among companies with high growth potential.

Linköping Science Park is home to leading tech companies like Sectra, IFS and Ericsson, but also to groundbreaking startups like Termisk Systemteknik and XMReality. It’s a place where companies inspire each other and break new ground in close collaboration with the university and research world, with a common goal of creating new, groundbreaking innovations for the modern world.

Business incubator LEAD

Here you’ll also find one of Sweden’s top incubators, LEAD. They offer professional support and coaching to entrepreneurs with tech startups. In other words, high-tech and knowledge-based companies with high growth potential, who want to make a real difference and maintain top quality results through their fast-paced growth.

LEAD offers entrepreneurs with innovative, scalable ideas an effective process to quickly and sustainably turn those ideas into real, expansive businesses.

Arenas for innovation

Aerospace Cluster Sweden (ACS)

At ACS you’ll find leading skills and products within aviation technology. The cluster is the first stop for all those involved in the aviation and space industries to network and find synergies. The cluster offers arenas to collaborate, which encourages and fosters innovation and growth.

Cleantech Östergötland

Cleantech Östergötland is a network for environmental technology companies with the purpose of creating new business opportunities and collaborations. An important subject within the network is the global goals that underpin efforts to solve society’s environmental challenges. Cleantech also exists to showcase new technology and innovative solutions.

East Sweden Game

East Sweden Game is an arena for networking and knowledge exchanges within the field of game production. New and established companies can get help to develop games and digital experiences. East Sweden Game has quickly established itself as home turf for nearly 60 companies. It is designed as a co-working space where, as a game developer, you can work in an environment with like-minded people and benefit from the exchange of ideas and opportunities for collaboration.


An area which lives and breathes with activity around the clock. It’s a dynamic petri dish of business ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as being a place to live, shop and thrive.

Ebbepark invites researchers and businesses to test new ideas within urban development. New products and services are developed and evaluated in 1:1 scale.

Innovative Materials Arena (IMA)

IMA is an arena that stimulates research, cooperation and growth within advanced materials. An example is printed organic photovoltaic cells, and light aircraft parts which reduce fuel consumption.

IoT World

An arena in Linköping for discovering new business opportunities in the Internet of Things and for attracting both new talent and new companies. This aligns with the region’s five strategic focus areas, which include smart, secure connected devices and systems - also known as IoT.

Visual Sweden

Visual Sweden is an innovation hub aimed at promoting innovations and regional growth within visualisation and imaging. Linköping, together with neighbouring Norrköping, are Europe’s most attractive innovation environment for visualisation and imaging. Linköping University, with its Centre for Medical Image Science and Visualisation (CMIV) and Analytic Imaging Diagnostics Arena (AIDA) are in the leading edge of knowledge development within the field.

Vreta Cluster

Vreta Cluster is a meeting place and cross-disciplinary arena for technology and business development within the green industries. Vreta Cluster started in 2012 in order to find new, smart solutions to the challenges of securing our future food production. Their focus lies in identifying good, nutritious and sustainable food, better animal husbandry, smarter energy supply and improved forestry.

The cluster has grown and developed to a business park - that houses companies within agriculture, forestry, energy and food production. An important aspect of Vreta Cluster’s work is the Agtech 2030 initiative, which is designed to establish an innovation platform for the agriculture of the future, focused on sensors, digital technology, AI and IoT.

Tomorrow’s innovation hubs

Cavok District

Cavok is where companies working with advanced materials gather. One way or another, they share an ambition to share resources and ideas.

The location is strategic, particularly for businesses within the aerospace industry, but also for businesses that need a creative environment with access to research, testing labs, synergies and opportunities to work together. Although the area is not fully formed, some businesses are already housed here today.