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The Strategic Business Council

The Strategic Business Council in Linköping is an arena for conversation between local political leaders, local government offices that impact the business climate and, of course, representatives of Linköping's business community.

The Strategic Business Council exists to strengthen the dialogue between the municipality and the business community. It is a way for the municipality to tune into the business perspective in current matters, not least when those matters may impact the business environment locally. The council even acts as a formal consultation group in local policy making.

The Strategic Business Council is of course not the only contact point between the municipality and the business community. Instead, it complements other contact points such as collaborations with local business associations, company visits, and the ongoing dialogue that takes place through the municipality’s Business service centre. As always, the goal is to contribute to continuous improvements in the business climate and that Linköping continues to be a place where people want to live and work.

Members of the Strategic Business Council

  • Chairman of the municipal board
  • Vice chairman of the municipal board
  • Opposition councillors
  • The Business Director in Linköping municipality
  • Director of Education in Linköping municipality
  • Director of Urban Development in Linköping municipality
  • CEO of Linköping Science Park
  • Regional Manager for the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
  • CEO of the East Sweden Chamber of Commerce
  • Chairman of Fastighetsägarna (property owner’s association)
  • Chairman of Företagarna (business owner’s association) Linköping
  • Vice-Principal at Linköping University
  • Regional Manager of the Swedish Farmers' Federation (LRF)
  • CEO of Linköping City Samverkan (Jointly owned by the businesses and real estate companies in the city centre, with Linköping municipality as a partner.)
  • CEO of Almi Business Partners in Östergötland