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Contact our Business service centre

If you’re starting or already running a business, you’ve got your own way to reach us at the municipality - through our Business service centre. The Business service centre helps you towards your next step and your next success, regardless of where on your business journey you find yourself.

Our Business service centre coordinates the municipality internally, and is your contact point for getting fast and simple answers to your questions free of charge.

For example, we can guide you through what permits and rules might apply to your kind of business, what part of town might fit your planned activities, or information that can help your particular business relocate to the region. We can also tell you how the region is developing and what projects that might support your growth are in the works. Interested in how the local business community is faring? We have the numbers.

We are also here to gather your opinions and suggestions and champion them internally to further improve the municipality’s service to the business community. If you’re unsure about where to turn, you can always contact our Business service centre. We’ll be your guide.

The Business service centre

If you are running or starting a business, and have questions for the municipality about, for example, permits you might need or what part of town might be a good fit for you - our Business service centre is here to help.

Till e-postformulär för Contact Linköping and our Business service centre

Telefon: +4613-20 60 00 (Then press 5 to select the Business service centre)

Öppettider: Monday-Friday 07.30-17.00. (June - August, 07:30-16:00)

Öppettider: Monday-Friday 07.30-17.00. (June - August, 07:30-16:00)

Webbadress: http://www.linkoping.se/en/business-linkoping/ http://www.linkoping.se/en/business-linkoping/