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Financing from start-up to scale-up and beyond

Depending on what stage your business is at, there are a number of different financing options to explore. Perhaps you’re seeking to finance the start of your business, an international expansion or resources to develop innovations?

Every business involves risk and the rule of thumb is that you can finance both starting and developing yours without any outside investments or loans. But if you need to you can apply for additional funds through a bank or Almi, for example. In some cases, it may also be possible to raise venture capital or to let crowdfunding provide part of the financing. At Verksamt.se, the online portal where companies can access services from Swedish government agencies, there is a guide to the different financing opportunities available to new companies.

Options for financing your business

LiU Invest backs ideas from the university

If you are planning to develop an idea or project developed at Linköping University (LiU) into a business, you can turn to LiU Invest. LiU Invest focuses on investments in early stages and can enter both as a sole investor or together with others. LiU Invest usually commits from SEK 250,000 up to half a million.

LiU Invest works closely with other actors that promote the development of knowledge-based companies, including the business incubator, LEAD. At the time of writing, the LEAD business incubator is looking at the possibility of building up its own fund to further capitalise the companies that participate in LEAD's incubator operations.

Almi Business Partners (Almi Företagspartner)

Almi Företagspartner AB offers corporate loans, venture capital and business development services to companies with growth potential. Almi's operations are intended as a complement to the private market regarding companies' needs for financing and business development.

Innovation vouchers from Vinnova

Sweden's innovation authority, Vinnova, provides funding in the early stages of research and innovation projects where the risks are great and where the projects would not usually become a reality without government support. Every year, Vinnova invests approximately three billion kronor to promote innovation. Most of it is distributed through funding rounds, where companies, public actors and other organisations can apply for finance. Read more on Vinnova's website.

Rural development

The companies and services located in rural areas are obviously crucial for the development of Östergötland. Therefore, Region Östergötland offers a so-called Micro Grant to newly established small businesses in rural areas and in towns with fewer than 3000 inhabitants. The Micro Grant is for a maximum of SEK 30,000 and can be used for, for example, the purchase of machines and equipment, product development and marketing.