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Teaching entrepreneurship in school

In order for Linköping’s industries to continue their rapid growth, the entrepreneurs of the future play a crucial part. At least we know where to find these future entrepreneurs – in our schools.

For that reason, Linköping municipality strives to make young people curious about entrepreneurship. We know that our investments for teaching and talking about it in school have many positive effects in the future. That’s why we finance the two organisations Junior Achievement (Ung Företagsamhet or UF) and Framtidsfrön (translated to “Seeds for the Future”), among others. Together we are laying the foundations for even more viable and dynamic businesses in Linköping.

Everyone who attends upper secondary school in Linköping will have the opportunity to start and run a UF Company. By setting out to run a business while they are still at school, today's young people get many valuable experiences that will benefit them in their future work life. Research shows that people who have run UF Companies do better in the job market, have a higher average salary and start more companies later in life.

About Junior Achivement

Junior Achievement (Ung Företagsamhet) is a non-profit, national organisation that was founded in Linköping in 1980. They give students in the last year of upper secondary school the opportunity to start, run and finally wind up their own business - which is called an UF Company. It’s an integral part of their education for a whole academic year. Junior Achievement is established today throughout Sweden, and 420,000 students have already run a UF Company. Junior Achievement is part of the global educational organisation, Junior Achievement Worldwide, which has over 100 member countries around the world. Since 2010, the organisation has expanded to also work with primary schools.

About Framtidsfrön

Framtidsfrön (translated to “Seeds for the Future”) is a national non-profit organisation founded in 2002 in Linköping. They offer classes and activities about entrepreneurship and the work life for pupils in primary school, and organise inspirational meetings and training for teachers. Their aim is to develop entrepreneurial and sustainable learning throughout primary and secondary school and to support the school in its mission to affirm and develop children's inherent drive, curiosity and creativity.