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Business incubator

The start of new, viable tech companies with growth potential are a vital part of Linköpings continued development. Our job at Linköping municipality is to create the best possible conditions for companies to thrive, so that they will stay here - along with the talented entrepreneurs behind the operation. That's why we support LEAD, one of Sweden's top business incubators.

LEAD started in 2007 when Mjärdevi Business Incubator in Linköping merged with Norrköping's Pronova Business Incubator. Together, they formed a regional incubator, owned by Linköping University with financial support from both Linköping and Norrköping municipalities.

LEAD offers professional support and business coaching to tech start-ups (high-tech and knowledge-intensive companies with great growth potential), where the driving force is to make a difference. Together with excellent networking opportunities, this creates added value that can be critical to a company's continued development. LEAD also arranges matching days between large companies and start-ups, helps with marketing and offers support in, for example, contract writing and patent applications.

LEAD's processes and structure have been developed together with experienced business coaches. Perhaps that is why LEAD was named Sweden's top incubator a couple of years ago in a survey conducted by Almi.

Since its inception in 2007, more than 70 companies have undergone the incubator process. Today, many of them are internationally recognised companies with a bright future ahead of them while still having their headquarters here, in Linköping.