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The perfect location

Anyone who’s ever travelled from Linköping would surely agree: Linköping, together with neighbouring city Norrköping, has a perfect location – making it very easy to get out into the world from here. In fact, the entire region Östergötland boasts a geographic and logistic dream location, right in the middle of Sweden and between two of the nation’s largest cities. With its prime location in the south east, 80 percent of Sweden's Limited companies can be reached effectively within a manageable 300 km radius.

From Linköping, you’ll reach half a million people in less than an hour. In fact, a whopping 80 percent of Sweden's Limited companies can be reached effectively within a manageable 300 km radius of Linköping. From a business perspective, this means that the location is nothing short of optimal – and when you add a prominent university, world-leading aviation and tech companies, a thriving startup ecosystem, and a welcoming business climate, you have what can only be described as a truly future-oriented city. Something which has also been confirmed in several independent surveys, by the way.

Breakfast in Amsterdam? Lunch in London?

Communications here are nothing short of outstanding. The train to Stockholm only takes an hour and forty minutes – and that’s even before the high-speed rail line Ostlänken (the East Link) is in place. By car, you’re quickly on the E4 and can reach Gothenburg or Malmö before it’s time for Swedish fika (coffee) at 11am.

If you hop on the morning flight from Linköping City Airport, you’ll be in Amsterdam by 8am. And after a quick transfer, you’ll board the connecting flight to London City – and arrive just in time for lunch. Imagine that.

Now, the location is not only perfect for travel, but also for business – not least for industries with large shipping needs. That’s because Norrköping, our neighbouring city, also boasts one of the Baltic region’s most modern harbours. A logistic dream location, indeed.

Time for so much more

In the city of Linköping, everything’s right at hand. Walking distance means just that, and by bike or bus from the city centre you can get to the outer limits in something like 15 minutes. Get on the Östgöta commuter train and you’re in Vikingstad in six minutes, for example – or our neighbouring city Norrköping in only 27. That means you’ll have a lot more time on your hands, and in a life-friendly city such as Linköping, you’ll also be able to spend it well, on things that really matter. Of course, this is one of the reasons why so many choose to move to Linköping – and stay here – because in the end, it’s all about your quality of life.

Travel time – Linköping, Sweden, Scandinavia, the world

However you want to travel, things are close at hand – from the E4 motorway to the major rail intersections, Norrköping’s harbour, and our two international airports. What’s more, when the coming high-speed rail line, the East Link, is finished, you’ll get from Linköping to Stockholm in just an hour.

Linköping – Norrköping 20min by car or 30min by train
Linköping – Motala 40min by car or train
Linköping – Nyköping 70min by car or train
Linköping – Jönköping 1hr 30min by car
Linköping – Stockholm 1hr 40min by train
Linköping – Malmö 2hr 45min by train
Linköping – Gothenburg 3hr by car
Linköping – Amsterdam 1hr 45min by air
Linköping – Oslo 5hr by train

By car

Linköping is linked to the rest of Sweden and Europe by the E4 motorway. Going right through Östergötland, with three strategic exits to Linköping, it’ll get you to Stockholm in two hours.

By train

The southern mainline, which goes through Linköping, connects us to Stockholm, Jönköping, and Malmö. It provides a sustainable option for the transport of goods and people within Sweden, and beyond to the European continent. Stockholm lies just 1hr 40min away – and that’s before the high-speed East Link is complete. In fact, when those trains start rolling in 2035, you’ll be just an hour from Stockholm.

By air

Just minutes from Linköping’s city centre you’ll find Linköping City Airport, providing scheduled international flights with daily departures to Amsterdam and onward to Europe and the rest of the world. A rather unique option, as not every location has an airport right in the city – in addition, of course, to several other airports within only an hour’s journey time. So, if you’re starting a business here, you’ll quite literally be off to a flying start.

From the countryside to an urban vibe – in just a few minutes

Getting in and out of Linköping is a breeze, and around the city there are several smaller towns and residential areas where you have a good chance of finding a dream home. That’s just 30 minutes from work, by the way (or the restaurants, concerts, shopping, and cinemas, for that matter!). Now, that means you’ll never really have to choose between a countryside lifestyle and a more urban vibe – because in and around Linköping, you really do get the best of both worlds.

With lots of beautiful little lakes nearby, for swimming or boating, and an entire archipelago of small islets just an hour away, you’re all set for the summer. And if pristine beaches are your thing, then Varamon – a three mile long, sandy beach – will likely be your new-found paradise. Oh, and it’s also less than an hour by car from here – perfect for a spontaneous excursion on a sunny day.

Another summer favourite is the locks at Berg, considered the highlight of the Göta canal, only ten minutes from Linköping. The canal itself is joined to the Kinda canal which navigates all the way from lake Åsunden in southern Östergötland, through Linköping, to lake Roxen.

Thanks to the many fertile valleys, deciduous trees thrive here in Östergötland, and to the south of Linköping you’ll find a unique oak landscape – considered the most important oak ecosystem in Europe. It’s a magnificent nature experience, starting just minutes from Linköping city.

East Sweden

East Sweden is a trademark attracting visitors, residents, and companies to the region, and as a concept it captures very the essence of all that our region has to offer.

For starters, East Sweden – as the name implies – is all about the perfect location, because here you are at the centre point of Sweden’s two largest cities, with half of Sweden’s population within just 200 kilometres. Linköping and Norrköping, which are our trade and industry’s two major hubs, provide some truly unique opportunities for businesses of all kinds. As you can imagine, the labour market here is red hot – but the commute is short, and everything’s close at hand.

In other words, East Sweden is also a region that’s perfect for logistics – especially in today’s globalised world. The possibility to commute from the countryside to the city centre, and to travel easily on business, is ideal, featuring twin motorways, one of Europe’s busiest rail lines, and two city airports that will get you quickly where you need to be. Anywhere in the world.

But it’s not all about work, of course. Quite the contrary, as East Sweden is just as much about quality of life; and being able to live exactly how and where you want – whether that means a countryside villa, a trendy city apartment, or perhaps a cottage on an islet in the archipelago. Now, the only question is: what will you choose?

Welcome to East Sweden.

Home to groundbreaking innovations

Linköping, if we may say so ourselves, boasts a thriving business community displaying excellence in a wide variety of fields. One of the main reasons is our strong innovation culture – which is a culture based on collaboration. In addition, Linköping is home to one of the world’s leading universities, collaborating closely with trade and industry, and this, altogether, is why so many groundbreaking innovations are born right here in Linköping – a city where the future is ever-present.

A life-friendly city

A rewarding career or a wonderful life with lots of time for family and friends? In Linköping, there’s no need for you to choose – because you can have it all. The reason, one of them at least, is the short distances – between work, leisure activities and …well, everything else – ultimately giving you more time for all the good things in life. Feel the pulse of the city or experience the calm of nature, it’s all just as close. And that’s how you’ll finally be able to find that elusive balance, that we all seem to be searching for, because it’s right here – in Linköping.