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The groundbreaking innovations

Linköping, if we may say so ourselves, boasts a thriving business community displaying excellence in a wide variety of fields. One of the main reasons is our strong innovation culture – which is a culture based on collaboration. In addition, Linköping is home to one of the world’s leading universities, collaborating closely with trade and industry, and this, altogether, is why so many groundbreaking innovations are born right here in Linköping – a city where the future is ever-present.

The City has a strong tradition of forward-thinking, and the collaboration between industry, research and the public sector has always been key to our success. Working together in non-competitive clusters, such as Linköping Science Park – today known all over the world – is just one example. We also have a plethora of powerful support systems in place, helping our new entrepreneurs and start-ups to realize their ideas and visions.

Join the world leaders

Looking for your dream job? Then you may very well find it here in Linköping. In our thriving business community, the possibilities are almost endless – whether you want to start your own business, work locally or even globally. Thanks in part to our strong innovation culture, many of our companies have grown to become world leaders in their respective fields – meaning we have a wealth of large, international companies with some truly exciting career opportunities on offer.

Did you know, by the way, that streaming media technology – the tech behind companies like Spotify, Netflix, and HBO – has its origin in Linköping? That’s right – the seeds of those innovations were sown right here, at Linköping University, almost fifty years ago.

Business on the cutting-edge

Linköping has high tech in its DNA, and today we are leaders in not only aviation technology but vehicle safety, the Internet of Things, mobile communication, environmental technology, and more. Around the core of cutting-edge technology, new clusters are formed, companies see the light of day, and startups are scaled as we speak. And so, our agile business community keeps expanding – maintaining our leading edge.

… and an equally vibrant public sector

Our many successful businesses are only part of the story, however, as Linköping’s public sector is equally noteworthy. As a residence city, Linköping is home to the County Administrative Board. The Swedish National Forensic Centre is based here too, in addition to the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, the Swedish Defence Research Agency, the Swedish Air Force’s Östgöta Wing F3, and the County Court. And of course, we can’t wait to tell you more about LiU, our internationally renowned university.
All in all, it’s safe to say that Linköping offers both a dynamic work environment and a brilliant platform for innovation – regardless of your ambitions and dreams.

A broad scope of industries

Our broad and balanced scope of industries can only be described as ideal for a modern city – not least because it makes us rather resilient towards cyclical fluctuations and changing market conditions. This, along with the city’s excellent educational opportunities, also makes it easy to change careers or to retrain for a new profession should you wish to do so. And if you come to Linköping as a couple, you’ll appreciate that there are equally exciting possibilities for the both of you – regardless of your background and education.

Here you’ll find major global players, like Saab and Ericsson, and a wealth of tech companies – many of which have grown into world leaders in their fields – like Sectra, IFS and NIRA Dynamics. But you’ll also find large public sector employers, such as Linköping municipality, Östergötland Regional Council, Linköping University, the County Administrative Board for Östergötland, the Swedish Armed Forces, the Defence Materiel Administration, the National Forensic Centre, and the National Road and Transport Research Institute.

Anything else? Well, the city is also brimming with leading IT and tech consultancies, service companies, lawyer firms, communications agencies, and management consultancies. And of course, we can’t forget to mention the entire ecosystem of creative entrepreneurs who do so much for the city’s character and charm – constantly opening new restaurants, cafes, and trendy concept retail stores.

After all, if a city is truly going to be a place to live, not just work, then it’s about the whole picture. And the whole picture? It’s what Linköping is all about.

A city brimming with talent

If you ask us, your chances of finding the talent you need are higher here in Linköping than in most cities. The reason? Well, the first that comes to mind is of course LiU, our renowned university producing thousands of highly skilled graduates each year.

According to international rankings, Linköping University is in fact one of the leading universities in the world, and its graduates are among the most sought-after on the Swedish labour market. And so it may come as no surprise that LiU’s alumni include both ministers of state, leaders of global businesses, and recognized entrepreneurs from some of the top startups.

Now, this is the very same university that conducts world-leading, cross-border research in such future-oriented fields as IT, mobile communication, medtech, visualisation, and environment/sustainability. LiU is even home to WASP, the Wallenberg AI Autonomous Systems and Software Program, which is Sweden’s largest independent research project – ever.

As previously mentioned, LiU collaborates closely with both local industry and the Linköping University Hospital Campus. This not only enables knowledge and research to transform into groundbreaking innovations, providing new business opportunities for our companies. It also breeds new talent. Talent which, in turn, goes on to create new startups. New businesses. New possibilities.
And so the future is created, every day, here in Linköping.

Strong sectors

Linköping has high tech in its DNA and today we are leaders in not only aviation technology but in many fields – from greentech to medtech. These are, in no particular order, our strongest sectors:

Aviation technology

Only a few countries in the world have the technological capability to build a fighter aircraft. Sweden is one of them, and the next-gen fighter Gripen – developed right here in Linköping – has certainly put us on the world-map. Today, Linköping – often regarded as the aviation capital of Sweden – is home to advanced research and world-leading solutions extending well beyond Gripen, including the unmanned aircraft of the future. And Sweden’s own fighter pilots? That’s exactly right; they’re trained right here.

Information and communications technology

From world-leading research to groundbreaking innovations, Linköping is undoubtedly one of Sweden’s premier hubs for information and communications technology. Centred around Linköping University and Linköping Science Park, ICT has traditionally been one of our strongest sectors – and it continues to be just that.

Health and medical technology

As a result of the broad regional competence in visualisation, image analysis and simulation, Linköping also has a long tradition from the medtech and healthtech fields. The research conducted at Linköping University is considered world-leading and, thanks to close collaboration with both industry and the public sector, it has enabled some truly groundbreaking innovations. Some players in this area include Sectra, AMRA, Dynamic Code, Nordic Biomarker, the University Hospital – and, of course, the Centre for Medical Image Science and Visualisation (CMIV).


Close to Linköping, in the fertile Östergötland plain, you’ll find the Vreta Cluster – a business park, a meeting place and an arena of development for the green industry. Here, companies, researchers, tech developers and innovators share a common goal: to find new solutions ensuring that we can all expect a future of good, nutritious food, better animal husbandry, renewable energy, and growing forests. Agricam and Biototal are just two of the companies involved – making agrotech one of our strong sectors.


Environmental technology is obviously important, for so many reasons, and we’re happy to share that in Linköping it’s one of our strong sectors. This is, as so often, the result of successful collaboration between industry, the university, and the public sector, where some of the key actors are Tekniska verken, Cleantech Östergötland, Energifabriken and Sunda hus.


Anyone up for some shopping? Then you’ve come to the right place – because Linköping is Östergötland’s trade centre. A key location, in addition to the city centre of course, is Tornby – one of Sweden’s largest trading hubs, measured by turnover.

Other established sectors

Around the core of technology, a vibrant ecosystem of international companies has emerged, encompassing even more market leaders in areas ranging from vehicle safety to mobile communication, IPTV and streaming media, the Internet of Things and business systems.

A life-friendly location

As you can tell, Linköping is most certainly a perfect location for business – but what about all the other things that make a city great? And what’s living here really like?