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Help with your private finances

The Budget and debt counselling service can give you personal advice regarding your financial situation. Counselling is free of charge and advisers are bound by professional secrecy.

Budget counselling

We give you advice on how you can change your personal finances so that your income and expenditure are in step. Together with you we draw up a budget that works for you. We help you avoid falling into spending traps and making your financial situation unsustainable.

Debt counselling

We help you to:

  • draw up a list of debts
  • apply for debt rescheduling
  • draw up a payment plan with your creditors

Debt rescheduling means that you are fully or partly released from repaying your debts. Decisions on this are made by the Enforcement Authority (Kronofogden) following an application. You are given a payment plan to follow and you have to live at subsistence level for five years. Support from the Budget and debt counselling service is available throughout the period of your debt rescheduling. After five years you are free of debt. 

Contact the Budget and debt counselling service

Telephone no:  013-20 61 50

Telephone hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 08.00-16.00 (variations may occur)

Visits: By appointment Email:

Visiting address: Medborgarkontoret, Stadsbiblioteket, Östgötagatan 5

Help regarding consumer rights

Being a consumer isn’t always easy. What does the contract you’ve signed actually say? What are your rights when something you’ve bought breaks? Our Consumer guidance services can give you:

  • information about your rights as consumer
  • advice before you buy
  • information and support when you want to make a complaint about a service or a product you bought.

 There are laws specifying what rights and obligations you have as consumer. Information for consumers is available in a number of different languages on the ’Hallå Konsument’ website.

 Information about your rights as a consumer in the EU is available on the ’Konsument Europa’ website. The information there is in English.

Budget and debt counselling and Consumer guidance services also work preventively. We are happy to visit school classes, associations and other groups to inform them about our work, your rights as consumer and about personal finances.  All counselling is free of charge.

You can find us at Medborgarkontoret, Östgötagatan 5.

Consumers guidance

To e-mail form for Consumers guidance


Phone: 013-20 66 87
Phone hours: Monday - Thursday 8.00 - 16.00

Visiting address: Östgötagatan 5 (see map)

Visiting address : Östgötagatan 5

Availability information Östgötagatan 5

Mailing address: Linköpings kommun
581 81 Linköping


Budget and dept counselling service

To e-mail form for Budget and dept counselling service


Phone: 013-20 61 50
Phone hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8.00 - 16.00

Visiting address: Östgötagatan 5 (see map)

Visiting address : Östgötagatan 5

Availability information Östgötagatan 5


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