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Mobility service

The mobility service is a complement to public transportation and the trips are coordinated with other mobility service users. The mobility services are regulated by the Mobility Service Act (SFS 1997:736).

Who can use mobility services?

To get a mobility service permit, you must have a functional impairment for at least three months that causes considerable difficulties when moving or when travelling on public transport///. You must also be a registered resident of the municipality of Linköping.


You need to submit an application form when you apply for a mobility service permit, or when renewing your existing permit. The application for renewal must be submitted in due time before the old permit expires.


When your application is submitted, it is registered. Your personal information is protected by the Personal Information Act (PUL). A case officer will contact you in order to conduct an inquiry into your needs in accordance with the Mobility Service Act.
If deemed necessary, you may have to supplement your application with an updated medical report.


When the inquiry is completed, a written confirmation will be sent to your home. If you are dissatisfied with the decision, you can lodge an appeal at the administrative court. All permits have an expiry date.

Last updated 07 November 2019

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