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Elderly care

Elderly care encompasses several different forms of support, nursing and care both for the elderly in need of care and for their family carers.

Care at home services in Linköping municipality consist of home cleaning and washing, shopping, personal care, a personal safety alarm and delivery of a food basket. Care at home is provided principally in the recipient’s own home or service accommodation.

Personal care

Personal care includes services for helping manage your daily life, e g dressing and undressing, personal hygiene, toilet visits, breakfast and the evening meal. This help can be given on one or several occasions during the day and night. 

Personal safety alarm

With a personal safety alarm you can contact care at home services in emergency situations at any time during the day or night. Providers have to respond to alarms within 20 minutes if you live in a densely populated area, and in 40 minutes if you live outside a densely populated area.

Cleaning, washing, shopping and food baskets

Care at home services also include cleaning, washing and shopping – known as house service – as well as delivery of ready cooked lunches known as food baskets.

Choose your own care at home service

If you are in need of care at home services you can choose between several different providers, both private and municipal. You can also choose different providers for different services. All care at home service providers have been approved by Linköping municipality, so you can always be sure that your provider will deliver good quality services. All care at home staff are bound by confidentiality obligations, carry a name badge and must be able to prove their identity.

You can opt out of making your own choice. Your provider will then be the one assigned to your care at home service area. If you are over 75 years old you can turn straight to any of the municipality-approved care at home service providers to make arrangements for a personal safety alarm, food baskets or house service amounting to a maximum of 6 hours per month. If you need personal care and more than 6 hours of house service, you have to turn to the social services administration and make an application.

Housing for elderly people

Special housing is available for people who are unable to remain in their own homes. This includes service flats and care housing.

Service flat

There are service flats at around 30 locations where the municipality runs blocks of service flats. These buildings include lunch restaurants and leisure facilities. Help for residents in service flats is provided by the care at home services.

Care housing

Care housing units are small flats with an areas of around 35 square metres. Residents have a contract in their own name for the the flat, which has its own shower and toilet, and usually a washing machine and drying facilities for washing. There is also a kitchenette. Close to the care housing flat are communal facilities for meals and social activities. Staff are available around the clock. The flat is equipped with a personal safety alarm. Care housing units are adapted for specific needs:

  • Care housing for persons with dementia if you have established dementia.
  • Care housing can also be adapted to persons who need a lot of supervision, help and extensive medical attention.


The municipality is entitled to charge a fee for elderly care. The size of the fee is determined on the basis of your financial circumstances. There is a statutory maximum fee.

Support to family carers

The municipality provides various types of family carer support. These include Anhörigcenter, the family carer centre, a facility for family members who are carers of another family member. Here family carers can have a cup of coffee and a chat, rest, meet others in the same situation and participate in activities.


If you have any questions about elderly care, you can always turn to the municipality’s äldrelotsar, or elder guides. They can provide information and guidance about elderly care.


Äldrelots - Elder guide

We are not able to receive spontaneous visits, please call before.

To e-mail form for Äldrelots(engelskt)


Phone: 013-20 64 01
Phone hours:
Monday-friday 09.00-12.00

Visiting address: Hertig Karlsgatan 4 (see map)

Visiting address : Hertig Karlsgatan 4

Mailing address:
Social - och omsorgsförvaltningen
Box 356
581 03 Linköping


Ombudsman for the elderly

To e-mail form for Ombudsman for the elderly


Phone: 013-20 66 60

Mailing address:
Social- och omsorgsförvaltningen
Box 356
581 03 Linköping


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