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Social assistance

Social assistance is a final safety net for those that cannot support themselves or their families. You receive temporary financial assistance and support for change.

The prerequisite is always that all other alternatives have been exhausted before a person has the right to social assistance. Similarly, you should be able to demonstrate that you are doing what you can to improve the opportunities for supporting yourself. That may include looking for work, participating in on-the-job training or Swedish for immigrants (SFI).
When assessing social assistance, we use the so-called national standard. The amount of money you receive depends on, amongst other things, the number of people in your family, the ages of family members and your situation.

Who can apply for welfare benefits?

Swedish citizens and citizens from another country with a residence permit or right of residence and who live or work in the municipality of Linköping are entitled to apply for welfare benefits. The same grounds and same standards are used for everyone that applies for welfare benefits.

How to apply

To apply for welfare benefits, phone social services. In the initial conversation with the social welfare officer, basic information will be collected and you will receive more detailed information about the possibility of obtaining support. After the initial phone conversation, application forms will be sent to you as per agreement with your case officer. Application forms can also be obtained from the reception in the social services' office if needed. We do not accept applications via e-mail as it is necessary to speak to you to ascertain what supporting documentation is needed to investigate your right to receive assistance.


Financial assistance

If you want to apply for financial assistance and do not have contact with a social secretary before, you should call Contact Linköping.

Booked visits to the social welfare administration

Visiting address: Barnhemsgatan 2 (see map) Hours: Reception is open weekdays 08.00-11.30 and 13.00-16.00 (sommartid till 15.00).

Visiting address : Barnhemsgatan 2 Hours: Reception is open weekdays 08.00-11.30 and 13.00-16.00 (sommartid till 15.00).

Mailing address:
Social- och omsorgsförvaltningen
Box 356
581 03 Linköping


The closest parking facility is in the Akilles parking strukture. There are two parking spaces just outside our reception for those who have limited mobility/are disabled and have special parking permission

Last updated 14 January 2020

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