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Residential adaption

If you have a functional impairment and need to adapt your home, you can apply for a grant to cover the costs. You can only get a grant for adaptations that are necessary for living an independent life in, or adjacent to, your home.

To be eligible for a grant, your functional impairment must be permanent or long-term. You can only get a subsidy to adapt your permanent residence. People who care for a person with a functional impairment in their homes are also eligible for grants.

What is the subsidy for?

You can get a subsidy to adapt fixed features in, or adjacent to, your home. Fixed features are things you normally do not take with you when you move house; for example, thresholds and kitchen cabinets. In certain special cases you can also get grants for things that are necessary for rehabilitation, functional training or home-based medical care.
You can also get grants towards the repair of technical equipment for which you have previously received residential adaptation grants.

Last updated 07 November 2019

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