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Trustee and administrator

The district court arranges a trustee or administrator for a person. A person may be appointed a trustee or administrator when they cannot take care of themselves or their possessions.

A person who has a trustee or administrator is called the principal. There is an important distinction between a trustee and an administrator. A trustee assists the principal in managing their economy and making important decisions that affect their life. A trustee shall always take into consideration what the principal wants. An administrator can make decisions about the principal's money without the consent of the principal.


An individual can apply for a trustee at the district court. Even the person's relative or the Chief Guardian's Office can apply for a trustee or administrator. If you would like assistance with an application, you can call the Chief Guardian's Office in Linköping.


If you earn more than 117 600 SEK a year or have private wealth you pay a fee for a trustee or an administrator. The fee is approximately 12 000 SEK per year.

The duties of a trustee or administrator

A trustee or administrator shall ensure that the principal obtains what he or she is entitled to. For example, it may include applying for benefits and interventions that the person may be entitled to, being present when an inheritance is distributed or applying for debt restructuring. A trustee or administrator shall ensure that the principal obtains the support that he or she is entitled to.

The Chief Guardian's Office

The Chief Guardian's Office monitors the work of the trustee or administrator. The trustee and administrator are vetted before they are appointed. The trustee and administrator need to check with the Chief Guardian's Office before they can carry out certain activities. For example, if the trustee or administrator shall buy shares, sell a residence or lend something owned by the principal.

When the assignment is terminated

A trustee's or administrator's assignment can be terminated by order of the district court or Chief Guardian's Office. If the principal dies the assignment is terminated on the date of death. A trustee or administrator may request a termination, but must continue with the assignment until the Chief Guardian's Office has appointed a new trustee or administrator.


The principal is always entitled to see the documents that relate to him/her. The principal's spouse or partner and next of kin are also entitled to see the documentation relating to the principal.

Chief Guardian's Office and Committee

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Phone: 013-20 69 99
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Visiting address : S:t Larsgatan 41 Hours: Monday - Thursday 10:00-11:30

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