Building Actions of Guidance Services for Youth Employment Network- a European project to boost young people’s employability.

Background and objectives of the project 

Providing a stable occupation to young people is a precondition to facilitate their participation in society, this assumption is even more important when we talk about marginalized citizens since getting a secure job gives a sense of stability which can ultimately lead to the integration in the local community and the development of oneself. However we assist to certain problematics across Europe that affects the entrance to the labour market of young people.

On one hand there is a need of promoting a “labour culture”, the raising NEET phenomena is a symptom of this lack of motivation in finding an occupation. In this sense, a new mindset which gives value even to the humblest working activity is required.  On the other hand local authorities are struggling with the rapid changes of our society and the economy. It is necessary to support young people with innovative tools in their research or creation of jobs.  The project BAGS4YOUTH brings together 6 organizations from 5 European countries with the objective of creating a European network for the exchange of experiences on how to foster employability and active participation of young people.

Specific objectives

  • To raise awareness of political representatives on inclusive models of job-orienteering services
  • To improve the competences of the staff working in the services, focusing on innovative tools and strategies to relate to young people, particularly disadvantaged, and interact with the local network of stakeholders
  • To enhance the communication with young people in order to foster their participation in the formulation of local policies
  • To create synergies between different actors at local level and between different contexts of intervention, non- formal and informal

Target groups

Political representatives, civil servants, civil society organisations, schools, VET providers, young people, including those with fewer opportunities.

Project partners

  1. Jobb-och kunskapstorget (“The work and knowledge square”) in the municipality of Linköping, Sweden.

  2. Forlì Municipality The Municipality of Forlì, Italy.

  3. IMPEFE The Municipal Institute for Economic Development, Training and Employment (IMPEFE) south of Madrid, Spain.

  4. Masku Municipality, Finland

  5. Razvojna Agencija Zagreb, Croatia

  6. Sweden Emilia Romagna Network SERN- the main transnational network in Europe fostering relations in a multilevel perspective between Northern and Southern Europe and in particular between Sweden and Italy. 

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