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Study sfi as a EU citizen or with a coordination number

To be enrolled at sfi we requiere the following

You shall send us a copy of your passport your co-ordination number and a copy of your health insurance from your country.

You shall send us:

  • A copy of your passport.
  • Your co-ordination number (or a document from the tax authorities which prove that the process is underway).
  • A copy of your health insurance from your country.

You shall fulfill one of the requieres below:

  • A certification of registration from Arbetsförmedlingen (AF) – send us a copy signed by AF.
  • A copy of a work permission signed by your employer.
  • A certification from the University in Linköping.
  • A certification from Skatteverket that says that your free movement is approved and to prove that you shall send us either:
    • a copy saying that you have a partner and that you lived together for a longer time in your home country - such as a lease on an apartment, or a marriage certification or,
    • a proof of that you have children together or,
    • a proof of that you and your family member have sufficient financial resources for at least one year.

When we have the requested requiers we will call you and help you to complete your application.


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